World of Wellness provides a mobile sports recovery and wellness hub / clinic to the general population, but mainly targeting sports clubs, office workers, social groupings and college students. All sports recovery equipment is on board and ready to be transported or used at World of Wellness HQ in Tipperary. The aim of the company is to bring wellness to people who would not have availed of or even heard of such a service.

The hub can also appear at park runs, coastal areas, lakes, local swimming spots, parks and areas of natural beauty. The cold tubs will also be available for athletes to recover and cool down following training or a match along with massage compression suits, vibrating foam rollers on exercise mats, massage guns and finish with a lovely relaxing Sauna with aromatic water for the hot coals.

People are looking for new ways to relax and the sports recovery and wellness industry has really picked up with new advertisements on the latest recovery tools and equipment especially when they could not attend a gym or exercise classes or collect in a group.

World of Wellness provides the opportunity for group sessions, private rental, and recovery sessions to sports people of all sports and events. Not only can World of Wellness provide recovery to sports clubs but can be readily available for corporate events packages, hen and stag parties, birthday parties and macra drama groups and the general public. 

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